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Top 5 best up-and-coming Bay Area bands of 2014. --CBS San Francisco

“When music fans think of great singer-songwriters, they might think of Neil Young and when they think of powerful voices they might think of Robert Plant. Perhaps the generation of today and tomorrow, they might think of Lee Gallagher as both.” --Bay Area Examiner

“Hazy folk rock-Americana that gives a serious nod to the musical aesthetics of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, but Gallagher’s voice upholds a particularly recognizable nod to Neil Young.” --The Deli

"Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah’s self titled album not only has charisma, but like Steve Marriott’s time with both Humble Pie and The Small Faces, the sexual lyrical allure and driving passion of Bon Scott and Jim Morrison and the intrigue and real human life stories that binds together John Dexter Jones work are mixed with fruitful conviction throughout the 11 songs on offer"--Liverpool Sound and Vision

"Lee Gallagher and his band, The Hallelujah provide a 'teaser' on their website for their debut album.  It is one minute and 30 seconds long and it is aggravating as hell.  It is way too short, incredibly enticing, igniting a hunger that dwells in many of us; that longing for something real, fresh and exciting,  like music used to be."  --Coachella Valley Weekly

"Critics are raving about Lee Gallagher & The Hallelujah, particularly Gallagher’s Neil Young and Robert Plant-esque vocal intonations, framed by the band’s “hazy, folk-rock, Americana style.” --Red Dirt Reporter, OK

"Can I get a Hallelujah?"--Flagstaff Live  top picks



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past tour dates

-Saturday, June 7th @ The Not Dead Yet Festival in San Francisco, CA

-Sunday, June 8th @ The Haight Street Fair in San Francisco, CA

-Saturday, August 2nd @ Shoreline Amphitheater w/The Doobie Brothers 

-Wednesday, October 1st @ The Independent in San Francisco w/Living Colour

-Wednesday, October 15th @ Peeve's in Fresno, CA

-Thursday, October 16th @ The Mint in Los Angeles, CA

-Friday, October 17th @ Bar in Palm Springs, CA

-Saturday, October 18th @ Firecreek in Flagstaff, AZ

-Monday, October 20th @ Red Brick Bar in Norman, OK

-Tuesday, October 21st @ Kirby's Beer Store in Wichita, KS

-Wednesday, October 22nd @ The 806 in Amarillo, TX

-Thursday, October 23rd @ The 502 in San Antonio, TX

-Friday, October 24th @ Shipping and Receiving in Fort Worth, TX

-Saturday, October 25th @ The Blackheart in Austin, TX

-Monday, October 27th @ Walter's in Houstin, TX

-Tuesday, October 28th @ The Lost Horse Saloon in Marfa, TX

-Wednesday, October 29th @ Flycatcher in Tucson, AZ

-Thursday, October 30th @ The Sycamore Den in San Diego, CA

-Friday, October 31st @ Ojai Deer Lodge in Ojai, CA

-Wednesday, December 10th @ Ham and Eggs in Los Angeles, CA

-Friday, December 12th @ Ojai Deer Lodge in Ojai, CA

-Saturday, December 13th @ Peeve's in Fresno, CA